Processing your order

The first step in processing your order is filling out a work order form. This document should include all of the critical information for printing and delivering your order correctly. Detailed data, such as when blank garments will arrive, which artwork files to use, how many colors to print, and how goods should be shipped, are all included on the work order.

You can access our blank work order form online. The link to the document is at the top of each page of our website. The form is a fillable PDF file. After downloading the file to your local drive, you should enter data related to your order before re-saving the file. Then, the completed file should be sent to us by email at or by fax at (480)967-2192. Please feel free to call us at (480)967-7022 if you have any questions.

Please keep in mind that, while we certainly are glad to receive customer purchase orders, we expect to receive a completed work order before proceeding with production. Our work order encapsulates all of the information required to fulfill an order, and customer purchase orders are invariably missing significant information. In addition, our whole internal production process is based on following the work order – from the designer to the pressman to the people packing up the goods, everyone involved in fulfilling the order refers to the work order.

Another document that is critical to our process is the digital proof. In order to ensure that our expectations match with those or our customers, we always send this file for confirmation before production – even for reorders. There is no reference to Express Screen Printing on the proof, so our wholesale customers can feel free to send the proof for confirmation to their customers.

Once the work order is received, the proof confirmed, and blank garments received, we can proceed with production. If you are interested in learning more about our process, we welcome you to come take a tour of our facility.