How to get started?

Getting started working with Express Screen Printing is a simple process involving submitting artwork, reviewing pricing, preparing a work order, confirming a preproduction proof, and verifying your busienss status.

  • Reviewing Artwork: In order to get accurate pricing, we really need to evaluate how the specific images will print on a garment. So, the first step in the process is to send us the artwork that you want to have printed. Files should be sent to We generally expect to receive Adobe documents, and the images should be in vector format or have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  • Determining Pricing: If your company has been confirmed to be a wholesale customer, you can access our pricing guide online. Based on the number of colors in any image and the size of the print, you can determine the development costs and unit pricing. If you have not been confirmed as a wholesale customer, please call us for pricing at (480)967-7022.
  • Filling Out a Work Order: To begin our production process, we request all customers complete a work order. This form, filled out with your specific information, follows the garments through the whole production process – from checking in the blank quantities to confirming how the goods will be shipped.
  • Confirming a Proof: Before we begin printing an order, we ask for confirmation of a digital proof. The digital proof has all of the pertinent information with regards to the printing of your particular design without any reference to Express Screen Printing.
  • Verifying Wholesale Status: In order for your company to receive pricing without retail sales tax, we need confirmation of your business license number and specific documentation. Please contact us at for details.

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