What is screen printing?

In order to get the most from your screen printing, it is useful to understand the manufacturing process. The process involves adapting artwork, separating colors, outputting film, making screens, applying ink with a squeegee, and curing the ink.


From high resolution artwork, an image is separated into individual colors. Each color is printed out as a black image on transparent film, and each film is then used to create a screen stencil. Each screen, coated with emulsion, is exposed to light except those areas covered by the black image on the film. When the unexposed emulsion is washed away, what remains is a stencil for the particular color to be printed.

Ink is then pressed through the screen using a squeegee. Each color in an image is printed separately, combing to create the full image. A finally, the inked needs to be cured so that it holds fast to the garment.

If you would like to better understand the process, please feel free to come by our shop for a tour of our production process.