Our Pricing

The cost of screen printing varies depending on the size and complexity of each image as well as the number of print locations. If your company has been confirmed to be a wholesale customer, you can access our pricing guide online. The link to our guide is at the top of each page of our website.

Based on the number of colors in an image, the size of the print, and other factors, you can determine the development costs and unit pricing. Our guide is setup with standard pricing for the first or most complicated image, but discounted pricing on any additional print locations.

If you have any questions about how pricing is calculated or if you have not been confirmed as a wholesale customer, please contact us by phone at (480)967-7022 or email at info@expressscreenprinting.com.


How do we offer better value?

Besides offering competitive unit pricing, there are many reasons why we offer the best value in the screen printing industry.

  • No Rush Charges: Other companies offer really low pricing for printing, but then charge 30~50% “rush” charges.
  • Free Digital Proof: We want to make certain we get your order right, and so we provide a free digital proof for confirmation with every order – even re-orders.
  • No Flash Charges: While other printers charge for a flash printing a color or providing a base on a spot color. We do not charge for a base except with specialty fabrics and 4-color process printing.
  • Free Color Matching: We are excellent at mixing colors to match Pantone standards. Because we have such a large range of colors available, we do not charge for color matching.
  • No Reorder Setup Charges: Our competitors often charge for film or screens again. Except for a small screen charge on 4-color process images, all screen charges are free for reorders.
  • Low Cost Special Techniques: We offer some special inks and printing methods much cheaper than our competitors. Check out our free “feather” technique for a light weight print.