Why choose us?

With innovative quality, efficient production, and competitive pricing, Express Screen Printing should be your first choice for garment decoration.
1. Innovative quality
With experience in many different types of specialty inks and printing processes, customers rely on us for quality, innovative garment decoration. From discharge printing to foil application, we can provide many different techniques to meet our customers’ requirements.
2. Efficient reliability
Equally important, our streamlined manufacturing operation is very efficient, allowing us to meet deadlines that our competitors often cannot achieve. Our internal process is setup to avoid errors in printing while quickly working through production. For each order, we send a digital proof for confirmation before beginning to print. The approved proof combined with the work order completed by our customers follows the garments throughout the manufacturing, helping us catch errors at any point in the process.
3. Competitive pricing
Finally, we offer consistently competitive pricing. Our customers know that they can rely on Express providing value for the money. We offer cheaper pricing for additional print locations on the same garment, something our competitors do not generally offer. Also, our customers normally only pay for development costs once – for a re-order of the same artwork, customers never need to pay for films or screens again.

Our history

Express Screen Printing has been providing quality garment decorating services for almost two decades. The company was originally started by master printer, Kevin Sweet. Over the years, our company has grown from one man in a garage to a small workshop with over a dozen employees. The current owner, Logan King, has continued to develop staff that support the high quality and efficiency that has made Express successful.

What our customers have to say

Express Screen Printing is awesome! They are always willing to go the extra mile for their customers. I can always count on them to get that last minute order ready. Thank you Express Screen Printing.
Sherri Fischer, Ahmize, Inc.