Our printing samples

Over the years, we have developed and refined a wide range of screen printing techniques to meet all our customers’ needs. Recently, we compiled examples of all these techniques on a single t-shirt for our customers to use a reference guide when ordering. If you would like a sample showing all of printing techniques, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Using hot pressed foil adds a shiny, mirror-like shimmer to a print design.


Discharge printing, which is best used on cotton garments, actually removes color from the […]


A metallic print includes small flakes suspended in the ink to give a gold, […]


This specialty flash effect is created by tiny crystals incorporated in the ink.  The […]

Full color

Using CMYK process or simulated process colors, a design can have a near photographic […]

Dry erase

While this ink looks like a standard opaque plastisol, the print is designed to […]


Florescent inks create a bright splash which works well for a retro design.


Super light chino inks create a soft hand-feel that it comfortable to wear with […]


With specialty crystalina inks, a sparkle can be added to almost any design.


Phosphor ink charges when exposed to light and then glows with a green luminescence in […]


Suede and puffy effects can give a 3D look and hand-feel to a flat […]


Through a custom technique and using a special mesh, an image can be printed […]


Split fountain

Split fountain

Combining inks through a manual printing process can create a stunning fountain of color.